VideoTube – A Responsive Video WordPress Theme

VideoTube – version 2.2.9 is out now.

Have you ever needed to gather and share your most loved recordings online? Intrigued by transferring your own particular work to communicate over the web? Videotube is here for you.

VideoTube - A Responsive Video WordPress Theme

Whether you’re inserting previous recordings from mammoths like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu … (Supported Video Sites) which bolsters oEmbed convention and any locales that bolster Iframe/install code or showcasing manifestations of your own, Videotube offers a perfect and advanced stage to do only that.

  • Easily redo Videotube to your loving with its intense landing page gadgets
  • Welcome associate criticism with Videotube’s implicit like framework
  • Offer well-known recordings on online networking
  • Permit clients to submit recordings and add to Videotube

Gather, present, and share a universe of recordings! With Videotube readily available, the potential outcomes are unfathomable.

VideoTube - A Responsive Video WordPress Theme

Highlight List

  • Un-limit video in one page
  • 6 Color Schemes
  1. Blue
  2. Sprinkle Orange
  3. Orange
  4. Wood
  5. Sprinkle Red
  6. Green
  • Boundless Scrolling Template
  • Visual Page Builder
  • 10+ Homepage layouts are incorporated
    • Default
    • Landing page V1 – 2 Columns – Left Sidebar
    • Landing page V1 – 2 Columns – Right Sidebar
    • Landing page V2 – Fullwidth – 3 Columns
    • Landing page V3 – Fullwidth – 4 sections
    • Landing page V4 – Fullwidth – 6 Columns
    • Landing page V5 – 1 Column – Left Sidebar
    • Landing page V5 – 1 Column – Left Sidebar – Version 2
    • Landing page V5 – 1 Column – Right Sidebar
    • Landing page V5 – 1 Column – Right Sidebar – Version 2
    • Landing page V6 – 4 Columns and Featured Widget
  • Responsive Design
  • Effortlessly install recordings from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion,
  • Programmed video thumbnails
  • Transfer your own recordings
  • Permit clients to submit recordings and add to Videotube,
  • 13 Widget stuffed with alternatives
  • Channel page,
  • Custom Login/Register page, upheld by shortcode,
  • Bunches of shortcodes
  • Like Button and View number
  • Sort Videos by Likes, Views, Comments and date
  • Bunches of Themes Options
  • Effortlessly change the shades of the site
  • Video Post sort and custom scientific categorization
  • Custom Video Slug
  • 2 Different video formats (Normal and Full Width)
  • Video Post sort and custom scientific categorization
  • Custom Logo, favicon, CSS and JS
  • Highlighted Videos Area
  • Full width and Right sidebar Page layouts
  • WordPress Menu Support – 2 levels of dropdown
  • Video Embed and Thumbnail Generator good
  • Social Counter Widget
  • Interpretation Ready

VideoTube - A Responsive Video WordPress Theme


11 July 2016 – V2.2.9
Settled: A couple of minor css

Included: single post route (the past and next post).
Overhauled: WPbakery 4.12
Overhauled records:

- videotube/style.css

- videotube/single.php

- videotube/incorporates/Mars_Required_Plugins.php
3 June 2016 – V2.2.8
Settled: A couple of minor css

Included snap chat social symbol

Overhauled: Font Awesome 4.6.3

Overhauled records:

- videotube/style.css

- videotube/resources/textual style awesome.min.css

- videotube/resources/textual styles/

- videotube/incorporates/subject options.php

- videotube/incorporates/functions.php
Redesigned: WPbakery
02/04/2016 V2.2.7
Redesigned: WPBakery Visual Composer 4.11.1

Altered: A couple of minor css

12/09/2015 V2.2.6

Redesigned: WPBakery Visual Composer 4.9

Altered: A couple of minor css

11/03/2015 V2.2.5

Redesigned: WPBakery Visual Composer

Enhanced: Jetpack detail.

10/21/2015 V2.2.4

Included: Automatic redesign usefulness 
through your Purchase Code and Personal Token key.

Upgraded: Child topic V2.0

Settled: setting-mistake Tampa was broken.

Settled: Search question var - sorting choice.

Settled: stature responsive related posts gadget.

Altered: Video autoplay.

Altered: RTL.

Altered: A couple of minor css

10/06/2015 V2.2.3

Redesigned: WPbakery 4.7.4

09/19/2015 V2.2.2

Redesigned module: WPbakery

Redesigned document: search.php

09/14/2015 V2.2.1

Completely video responsive on the typical post 
without jetpack module initiated.

Settled: RTL.

Included: Fully perfects with Social Count Plus.

Changed records:

- videotube/style.css: A couple of minor css, changed the rendition number.

- videotube/incorporates/functions.php

- videotube/incorporates/Mars_Subscribox_Widget.php

- videotube/incorporates/topic options.php
 (included soundcloud and pinterest field)

09/03/2015 V2.2

Settled: Bootstrap Carousel.

08/30/2015 V2.1

Overhauled: WPbakery (JS Composer ) 4.7

Settled: RTL.

Settled: Post view number in video single page.

Altered: Turn-off-light catch.

08/25/2015 V2.0

Included: RTL support.

Included: Video Aspect Ratio alternative.

Included: Custom CSS, JS field on portable.

Included: jetpack Post view module good.

New: New outline of Theme Options.

Upgraded: Documentation.

Upgraded: PO document.

Upgraded: Bootstrap v3.3.5.

Settled: Fully video responsive, good with the bootstrap most recent variant.

Settled: WP Widget 4.3 perfect.

Settled: Broken design when to show the full length of a post title.

Altered: New topic choices API, completely perfect with Redux Framework module.

Expelled: Theme Options: Site symbol, 
Google Analytics ... furthermore, a couple of unused fields.

08/07/2015 V1.3.5

Redesigned: JS Composer 4.6.2 
(the overhauled adaptation can be found in upgraded module envelope)

New: Video Embed and Thumbnail Generator 
( thumbnail-generator/) good.

Redesigned Files:

- videotube/style.css (changed form number)

- videotube/incorporates/media.php

- videotube/incorporates/topic options.php

- videotube/incorporates/Mars_Custom_Taxonomies.php

- videotube/dialects/default.po

- TGM-Plugin-Activation 2.5.2
 (videotube/incorporates/class-tgm-module activation.php)

07/16/2015 V1.

Overhauled: JS Composer 4.6.1 (the redesigned 
adaptation can be found in upgraded module envelope)

Settled: A couple of minor css (style.css)

Upgraded: Filter snare in Related Video gadget 


Upgraded: JS Composer 4.5.3 (prettyPhoto XSS settled)

05/06/2015 V1.

Upgraded: JS Composer 4.5.1

Upgraded: TGM-Plugin-Activation 2.5

04/23/2015 V

Upgraded: TGM-Plugin-Activation 2.4.1

Upgraded: JS Composer 4.4.4

Settled: Video completely responsive

Evacuated: Framework envelope, now you would need to 
introduce redux system module after overhauled the subject, 
the module can be found here

Evacuated: Recaptcha old rendition.

03/23/2015 V

Upgraded: JS Composer 4.4.3 
( the most recent form can be found in redesigned module envelope. )

Settled: Dropdown Menu.

Settled: Archive Page Title.

02/12/2015 V

Upgraded: JS Composer 4.4.2 ( the most recent 
form can be found in redesigned module envelope. )

Altered Video Responsive (require jetpack module introduced).

Altered: Login/Register shortcode evacuated Register 
watchword fields, now the structure works 
like WordPress default register structure.

Settled: Video post structure.

Altered: Caching creator post, similar to, perspective tally number.

Altered: Video Comment/Share/Like/Turn off Light's responsive.

Altered: Site title copy.

Changed: Pagination Prev/Next name.

01/07/2015 V

Altered: Related Video/Post broken design.

12/20/2014 V 1.3.4 Updated:

WP 4.1 good (Title tag).

JS Composer 4.3.5


WP Upgrading Class/Options in Theme Options/Update.

09/30/2014 V1.3.3

Included: Support all shortcode sort in frame/insert field.

Settled: video secret key required: demonstrate 
the watchword field and shroud the primary 
substance if the post secret key required.

09/29/2014 V1.3.2.3

Changed: Post meta-activity snares.

Settled: get_the_date().

Settled: Scrolling format.

09/28/2014 V1.3.2.2

Settled: Broken design in JS arranger.

Included: fr_FR.PO, Special Thank to Nexnivis.

09/25/2014 V1.3.2.1

Settled: Fix/markup the Breadcrumb in single video page.

09/23/2014 V1.3.2

Included: video, sound, (video press) shortcode support.

Included: Compatible with Seo By Yoast Breadcrumb

Overhauled: JS Composer 4.3.4

08/24/2014 V1.3.1

Altered: Self-Hosted Video autoplay. stacking the clear page.

Altered: Submit Form.

08/21/2014 V1.3

Included: Multiple recordings, now you can include 
more than 1 video (un-limit), case music-2014/

Included: date, today, this week choice in all gadgets:
 You can channel the video by the specific date, today or this week.

Included: date, today, this week alternative in videotube shortcode.

Included: Advanced Custom Fields: Gallery Field module, $25AUD values.

Altered: Archive the Video Link/Embed code in one field, 
now the Video thumbnail will work for the implanted code.

Altered thumbnail_size gadget manufacturer.

Redesigned: Po dialect record.

Redesigned: Visual Composer 4.3.3

Expelled: VideoTube Feed module, now you can design
 the food in Theme Options/General/Video Feed field.

Expelled: VideoTube Search module, now you can design
 the Search Result page in Theme Options/General/Video Search field

8/06/2014 V1.2.2

Included: Adding the Icon before the title of page manufacturer.

Redesigned: Visual Composer 4.3.2

Altered: Page developer HTML component id.

Altered: Hidden video sort in submits structure.

Altered: Carousel gadget page developer.

8/05/2014 V1.2.1

Included: 6 Color Schemes: Blue, Splash Orange, Orange, Wood, Splash Red, Green.

Altered: Video/Post page developer shortcode.

Overhauled: Documentation, Po record.

8/04/2014 V1.2

Included: Regular Post page manufacturer
 (Regular Post and Video are in one Pack)

Included: Columns alternative in document/
classification/creator page through 
"mars_layout_columns" channel, case for how to utilize the channel at

Included videotube_upload alternatives as 
classification incorporate/reject/request/request,
 more subtle elements in documentation.

Included: Homepages layout page developer, a single tick
 to construct the home/point of arrival.

Included: Theme programme redesign, you need to give 
the ThemeForest Username and API key in Appearance/Theme Options/Update.

Included JS Composer documentation.

Altered: Login structure recollects issue.

Settled Login/Register page redirection 

Settled: VT Tag Cloud gadget, include scientific classification, 
smallest,largest, number alternative.

Settled: One Big Widget included thumbnail picture size choice.

Settled: Empty gadget title.

Settled: Video autoplay.

Settled the length of the depiction in SEO mode.

Overhauled Font-Awesome 4.1.0

Overhauled Visual Composer 4.3.1

Overhauled *.Po record.

Overhauled Redux

Overhauled Documentation.

07/20/2014 V 1.1

Settled: [videotube] shortcode.

Settled: Missing Taxonomy (Video class and video label) marks.

Settled: Adding request channel in query item page.

Included: the segments alternative in the 
Featured/Main/Related Video/post gadgets.

Included: Visual Composer Page Builder.

Evacuated: Prime Strategy Page Navi module.

Upgraded: Po dialect record.

Upgraded: Documentation.

07/15/2014 V1.0.4.4

Settled Widgets Classes.

Upgraded Redux

06/12/2014 V1.0.4.2

Included Page Left Sidebar

Settled Widgets Hooked.

Settled Getting Video Thumbnails from Frontend present a structure.

Settled Ajax stacking more video.

Upgraded dialect to record.

Upgraded Redux 3.3.1

05/05/2014 V1.0.4.1

Included Tumblr social connection.

Altered Main Post/Video gadget column, slider.

Altered custom the video slug.

04/25/2014 V1.0.4

Included Infinite Scrolling Template, bolster Custom Post Type (CPT).

Included Compatible with Woocommerce.

Included Comment numbers in all the gadget.

Included <!- - nextpage- - > support.

Included Website and Bio in channel page.

Included Category, Tag Filter Condition in Related Video and Post gadget.

Changed including the video query output as a module capacity.

Changed "Classification" mark to "Video Category".

Settled is_main_query in Channel/Author page.

Settled Liked, Viewed include number Channel/Author page.

Settled "Lastest" sorting incorrectly spell.

Upgraded .PO record.

04/12/2014 V1.0.3

Included Login/Profile Widget.

Included video autoplay choice.

Included Channel page (read documentation for how to)

Included Channel/Author Sidebar.

Enhanced Video Submit Form:

- Embed code, Video File transferring is backing.

- Added Preview Video Image

- Added Video/Preview Image size farthest point.

- Added Video Type choice backing.

- Fixed creator posts ID

- Fixed Video label, Video classification.

- Fixed copying post/video HTML ID.

- Compatible with Profile Builder 

- Updated Documentation.

- Fixed: showing the video subtle element page.

- Fixed: Support all video locales (Video Link), 
which is bolstered oEmbed convention as Youtube, Vimeo, 
Dailymotion, Hulu ... and so forth.

04/08/2014 V1.0.2.2

Settled Register/Login structure.

Settled Main Post Widget title string constraint.

Upgraded Documentation.

04/02/2014 V1.0.2.1

Included custom Video Date design.

Included Row choice in All video/post gadget 
(Featured, Main, Right, Related gadgets).

Included Carousel auto plays in Video/Post Widget.

Included Post date channel in Video/Post Widget.

Included Custom Login/Register page (discretionary), 
traded for WP login default page.

Altered video auto play.

Altered no restriction the length of the video/post title.

03/31/2014 V1.0.2

Included Video in Feed page.

Redesigned dialect to record.

Redesigned XML record.

Included Support advances jetpack.

Included Loading Icon in Like catch.

Added Allow Guest to like the alternative.

Included Main Post gadget, Featured Post Widget, Right Post gadget.

Settled Post Class in all VT Widget.

03/28/2014 V1.0.1.2

Settled _e() capacity in document and classification page.

03/27/2014 V1.0.1.1

Included custom Body Text textual style.

Included custom Headings text style.

Included custom Menu text style.

Included custom Widget Title Color.

Included custom Header Navigation Color.

Settled Turn Off Light.

Settled One Big Video gadget.

Settled Checking menu $theme_location.

Settled Loading creator name in video point of interest page.

Overhauled Redux Framework v3.1.9.1.

03/26/2014 V1.0.1

- Added Play Icon in Category, Video Tag, 
shortcode (Video List), Archive page.

- Added alternative to utilizing the install code from any video site.

- Fixed gadget title.

- Fixed remark REPLY name.

03/16/2014 V1.0.0

Starting Release

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