Sommerce Shop – A Versatile E-commerce Theme

Sommerce is a fresh WordPress theme that uses the effective Woo Commerce modules to make an adaptable WordPress fueled shop, with unlimited format alternatives and unlimited skins. Make this theme your own.


Mix up substance on the landing page with widgets and shortcodes, set the design full width or boxed style, pick your experience shading or set one of the 60+ custom foundations, set your header shading or pick one of the 10 custom header, picked your route style and change the style of your items.. a theme so flexible that you can redo it to suit your business by basically changing a couple of settings. With Sommerce you can offer everything!


We give bolster just through our bolster work area. Register yourself on our site, then dynamic your theme on this page.

After this here you can discover a “theme” area that contains the URL of the specimen information that you can download, a rundown of video instructional exercises accessible and you can likewise open a ticket to get support.


Sommerce Testimonials

  1. ecee:I purchased the theme around a week back, ย  I simply ceased by here to educate what I think regarding the Sommerce theme and the administration from the theme engineers. It’s AWESOME ! I know I have numerous inquiries yet they never become weary of noting inquiries and they are constantly kind and accommodating โ€“ and they have immediately unraveled any inquiry I have had. I have dependable gotten answers inside 24 hours (they appear to reply about the same time each day so the time relies on upon when I’m posting the question). I have attempted a few themes and structures some time recently, yet I have never got this abnormal state of administration. They simply settle everything, and they’re so pleasant. I truly suggest this theme and the administration you get! Much thanks to you for all assistance and your brisk, kind and expert method for taking care of every one of my inquiries! You are the best! An exceptionally glad client!
  2. Smirle:Hello all, I have given Sommerce a 5-star rating, yet I additionally needed to give my two pennies in the event that anybody is uncertain about buying this theme. Not just is the theme itself extremely flexible and simple to control, yet the bolster we get in the Sommerce discussion is stunning โ€“ the engineers rush, to react to issues. It’s an incredible theme and I would firmly prescribe it.
  3. Cerilia: I’ve been chipping away at this theme now for more than 3 months, it’s a genuine delight. The backing is second to none and is dependable managed a same or taking after day. The devs of Sommerce are constantly amicable and run that additional mile with help, regularly strolling through guidance or supplying the right code/records. An unmistakable 5 Star theme!
  4. retrovertigo: This is an incredible theme and to improve it even the backing is amazing. Each inquiry I have asked has been addressed rapidly with an effective result. Exceptionally prescribed.
  5. cifero: Fantastic theme: working splendidly, much of the time overhauled, and well configurable with a top of the line client support. You can not show signs of improvement than that around! 5-star rating.
  6. auhndt: This Sommerce Theme is the best theme by a wide margin on ThemeForest for a Commerce based shop. Profoundly adaptable and GREAT backing. First class!
  7. mrmikeman: I have no had much involvement with paid themes. Yet, I will let you know, the Creators of Sommerce theme not just have alluring items. Yet, they have extraordinary client administration on their Forums. Once in a while do I hold up 24 hours before I get a reaction. I give them an A+ Above and Beyond. Much obliged to You Sommerce Team
  8. mrmikeman: I have had rehash terrible involvement with Envato Network Author Support. Nonetheless, Sommerce and the Support Provided is EXCELLENT ! I need to thank you all AGAIN for your bolster, it is great and I need you to know I value it a ton. It permits me to finish my objectives for my site. I am VERY content with the Sommerce Theme and the backing gave by you all. I prescribe to anybody searching for a theme with great backing to picked atheme from this Author. In the event that the Style fits your necessities, then you won’t turn out badly with @Sara_P Thank you 1 million times for your endeavors!
  9. deanolegg: This theme and the backing is second to none. Simple to utilize theme and on the off chance that you have any inconvenience you can make certain they will help you. Keep doing awesome!
  10. basiadesign: We’re truly getting a charge out of the Sommerce theme. It is rich and simple to utilize. Furthermore, we particularly acknowledge how responsive the backing for the theme is. Without having a designer in our group, we need to depend on the Sommerce support for investigating thus far, it’s been having exactly the intended effect ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!
  11. jconnett: Just a little input on this theme: IT’S AWESOME ! mind blowing support and truly simple to utilize ๐Ÿ™‚ 5 stars! Much appreciated!
  12. davidREnglet: I simply needed to say that the bolster I have gotten from Sara has been great! I have completed my first eCommerce site utilizing the Sommerce theme and am starting another today and will buy Sommerce at the end of the day. With bolster this great I won’t look anyplace else! The Sommerce themeย is incredible as well. Much appreciated, Sara!
  13. Paul Ruineย : Just needed to express profound gratitude for the colossal work. I have had a couple issues since acquiring this theme yet this is dependably the case with each theme because of the numerous variables. The bolster I have gotten has been splendid and each and every issue that has been accounted for has been tended to. I am presently just days from dispatching my site and couldn’t be more satisfied. Much appreciated once more.
  14. Castileย :.Let me include my compliments this excellent theme to the numerous others that I have perused posted here. I had no clue that something in the same class as this even existed. To the creator: You are not only an extraordinary software engineer, you are a genuinely skilled craftsman. Much obliged to you for sharing your manifestations.
  15. CastQued:You don’t have any acquaintance with it, however, you’re helping me make a blessing from heaven. This site is imperative to me. With your bolster, it is turning out to be precisely what I needed it to be. You can’t show improvement over that. ๐Ÿ™‚
  16. Josh bond:I obtained this theme and I truly like it. The theme creators have been exceptionally useful in the bolster range of their site. Would prescribe to anybody requiring an e-trade answer for WordPress.
  17. TimMarland:I simply needed to say I truly delighted in working with this theme. I should say I was truly inspired. Much thanks to you.
  18. JaimeeMaree: You are a flat out whiz. You’re the best for your assistance! Will suggest they run with this theme at this point! ๐Ÿ™‚
  19. ElJewelery: I should say that I am extremely inspired by your discussion and backing. I have had encounters with different WordPress e-business designers. Once bought their themes, the backing is dreadful and it makes me need to report them. Your e-trade theme has recently left the business sector. In time, I think you will do extremely well. I settled on your theme since I checked the bolster first. I thought you react to everybody’s messages and inquiries. I can not turn out badly with your theme. As you most likely are aware. I approach a great deal of inquiries for a novice. The other thing, after I bought your theme. I was exceptionally glad to see there is the video instructional exercise. That was a major in addition to. It was not specified in So setting up a shop is less confounding for me. Much obliged to YOU.
  20. Lazybear: Thanks for all the assistance with the setup of this theme! It’s a fabulous outline, and truly simple to redo. :- )
  21. Fredromano:…Your backing is AMAZING!!!
  22. Ricci_gdf:That’s a genuinely decent, expert and easy to understand eCommerce theme for WordPress.
  23. Jon:Just began building my eCommerce site with your theme that I acquired. You made an extraordinary showing with regards to planning this and it works awesome out of the case. Extremely carefully conceived. Do you have whatever other themes available to be purchased? I’m a fan!
  24. Leyte: I simply needed to add to the rundown of suggestions you have gotten in this way. I purchased this theme a week ago and it has ended up being the best theme I’ve purchased from Themeforest. For anybody considering purchasing it yet uncertain โ€“ Buy it!
  25. Urbanrose: I LOVE THE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I acquired this theme around a week back and have been attempting to transfer it onto my wordPress futile. I joined the gathering and posted my issue on it that day, I got an answer the following day. I am a beginner and don’t know anything about how to make a site, fortunately, the creator was extremely pleasant and helped me through my issues. After different endeavors, I made sense of the issue and it was not identified with the theme. I am truly fulfilled by the client administration. I simply need to make sense of the theme all alone now, yet I realize that on the off chance that I have any issue client administration will have the capacity to help me. I definitely suggest this theme.

Themeforest Blog Theme Demo

Sommerce Updated history

VERSION 3.0.8 โ€“ 07/05/2016

  • Included: WooCommerce 2.6.2 backing
  • Included: WordPress 4.5.x backing
  • Included: PHP7 Support

VERSION 3.0.7 โ€“ 04/04/2016

  • Included: WooCommerce 2.5.5 backing
  • Settled: WooCommerce checkout URL capacity

VERSION 3.0.6 โ€“ 11/02/2016

  • Included: WordPress 4.4.2 backing
  • Included: WooCommerce 2.5.2 backing
  • Settled: Add or change single slide on slider does not work

VERSION 3.0.5 โ€“ 25/01/2016

  • Included: WordPress 4.4.1 backing
  • Included: WooCommerce 2.5.0 backing
  • Included: WooCommerce 2.4.13 backing
  • Altered: Pagination issue when website is on Home Page

VERSION 3.0.4 โ€“ 02/12/2015

  • Included: WooCommerce 2.4.10 backing
  • Included: YITH Essential Kit support for WooCommerce #1
  • Included: WordPress Title Tag support
  • Included: Support for WordPress favicon framework( Site Identity )
  • Altered: Category choice in for “things” shortcode

VERSION 3.0.3 โ€“ 25/08/2015

  • Included: Compatibility with WordPress 4.3.x
  • Included: Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.4.5
  • Evacuated: Wpml censured capacity

VERSION 3.0.2 โ€“ 01/07/2015

  • Included: backing to WooCommerce 2.3.11
  • Included: YITH WooCommerce Advanced Review support
  • Redesigned: PrettyPhoto to 3.1.6 โ€“ most recent steady and secure rendition
  • Settled: Items computation issue on smaller than usual truck

VERSION 3.0.1 โ€“ 05/06/2015

  • Included: WordPress 4.2.1 backing
  • Included: backing to WooCommerce 2.3.8
  • Settled: Testimonial widget slider mistake on facilitating choice
  • Settled: Wp security issue
  • Settled: Jigoshop my record join choice

VERSION 3.0.0 โ€“ 02/12/2015

  • Included: Woocommerce 2.3.2 backing
  • Included: With Woocommerce Wishlist 2.0

VERSION 2.9.3 โ€“ 11/28/2014

  • Included: Woocommerce 2.2.8 backing
  • Included: Action after the fundamental nav menu, the activity is named “yiw_after_main_nav”
  • Settled: Contact structure lose field values subsequent to submitting if there are blunders
  • Settled: Dropdown tabs on nav menu
  • Settled: Testimonial widget issue if utilized as a part of conjunction with prettyPhoto
  • Settled: Probably Warning in header sliders when wpm is dynamic
  • Settled: Comments can’t be shut in single post

VERSION 2.9.2 โ€“ 10/14/2014

  • Included: backing to WooCommerce 2.2.6
  • Altered: Incorrect handle for google textual styles amid enqueue
  • Altered: YIW joins issue

VERSION 2.9.1 โ€“ 09/17/2014

  • Included: Woocommerce 2.2.3 backing

VERSION 2.9.0 โ€“ September 09, 2014

  • Altered: Sample Data document
  • Altered: “yew” Text space
  • Altered: Double spinner for number field on Firefox
  • Altered: Send email helplessness issue, a client had the capacity to transfer self-assertive record on transfers catalog
  • Altered: Php code yield on assembled items
  • Altered: the Incorrect content area for woocommerce interpretation strings.
  • Altered: woocommerce.php will be incorporated regardless of the fact that the module index is not named woocommerce
  • Altered: With Magnifier slider similarity
  • Settled: Tabs name was not deciphered
  • Settled: work ie form distinguish
  • Settled: Google Rich Snippet audit date group
  • Settled: Table Cart add up to awful format
  • Settled: Text of widget “Content Image” was not interpreted by pm
  • Settled: Labels “thing” and “things” were not interpreted by wpm on smaller than normal truck
  • Settled: Submenu under the item picture on single item page
  • Included: With Wishlist similarity
  • Included: Checkout Redirect choices
  • Included: Option on general settings that permit client to cripple the “WP administrator bar”
  • Included: Google Recaptcha System
  • Included: Support to WooCommerce 2.1.12
  • Included: Compatibility with Jigoshop 1.9.4
  • Included: Related items number and segments on single item page now influence up-offers item
  • Evacuated: Tags custom post sorts from wpm-config.xml

VERSION 2.8.0 โ€“ Apr 17, 2014

  • Included: support for WordPress 3.9
  • Included: backing to WooCommerce 2.1.7
  • Altered: gathered item layout

VERSION 2.7.1 โ€“ Mar 26, 2014

  • Included: backing to Woocommerce 2.1.5
  • Altered: Checkbox on contact structure page
  • Altered: Lightbox picture route
  • Altered: Add to truck for gathered item
  • Altered: “it” Text space

VERSION 2.7.0 โ€“ Feb 21, 2014

  • Included: backing to Woocommerce 2.1.x

VERSION 2.6.0 โ€“ Dec 30, 2013

  • Included: support for WP 3.8
  • Altered: Error with Last tweets widget. Supplanted client name with client id

VERSION 2.5.3 โ€“ Aug 02, 2013

  • Included: Menu supports for more than 3 levels
  • Included: support for WordPress 3.6
  • Settled: Fixed picture on versatile with the Nivo slider empowered
  • Settled: third submenu position
  • Settled: Blog meta stature
  • Settled: Sale identification on variable items
  • Settled: Notifier reserve fix
  • Settled: Warning on 404 page
  • Settled: Last tweets widget, blunder on numerous lines

VERSION 2.5.2 โ€“ Jul 02, 2013

  • Included: Menu supports for more than 3 levels
  • Included: wpm-config.xml
  • Included: affirm message when you need to introduce the example information
  • Included: select menu alternative on responsive mode
  • Included: custom.css
  • Included: worldwide alternatives for Twitter API
  • Redesigned: Twitter widget and shortcode now work with new API
  • Redesigned: dialects document
  • Redesigned: kid envelope
  • Altered: WooCommerce shop page title
  • Altered: title position on the inquiry page without results
  • Altered: Sale identification wherever with WooCommerce 2.0.10
  • Altered: spelling blunder in page 404
  • Altered: 404 limitation issue
  • Altered: “Included” is currently interpretation prepared
  • Altered: Footer widgets on mobiles
  • Altered: String spaces
  • Altered: Error in file product.php
  • Settled: JigoShop capacity to get picture sizes

VERSION 2.5.1 โ€“ March 20, 2013

  • Included: Options to utilize theme channels for related items ( Theme Options > General > Shop )
  • Included: Shortcodes rating [rating id=”product_id”]
  • Settled: Variations covered up for a few items
  • Settled: Bugs in the widget WooCommerce Cart

VERSION 2.5 โ€“ March 12, 2013

  • Included: Woocommerce 2.0 backing

VERSION 2.4.2 โ€“ Jan 16, 2013

  • Included: credit focus to [read_more]
  • Included: Support for more than 3 menu levels
  • Altered: typography choice for the menu textual style
  • Altered: HTML fix in the footer
  • Altered: WP 3.5 issues
  • Altered: Theme Options made strides

VERSION 2.4.1 โ€“ Jul 29

  • Altered: bugs in the catches shading, when jigo shop is introduced
  • Altered: design width in the single item page, where there is the sidebar
  • Altered: wrong position of depiction in classifications pages
  • Altered: style of the classifications list in shop page
  • Altered: bug in the design of the up-offers area

VERSION 2.3.1 โ€“ Jul, 04

  • Altered: slider gone in the shop pages
  • Altered: secret key ensures highlight in blog page
  • Settled: capacity to expel the pingbacks and trackbacks from the post remarks
  • Settled: sorting dropdown appeared in single item pages
  • Settled: terrible pictures arrangement of the item shop pages format
  • Settled: little bug when the responsive is dynamic, in the extended format
  • Included: target property in the shortcode [newsletter_form]
  • Included: capacity to change the slider thumbnails size

VERSION 2.3 โ€“ Jun, 15

  • Settled: no responsive design bug
  • Settled: sees with new WordPress 3.4
  • Settled: bug with all classifications widget
  • Settled: bug with sliders when the theme is introduced on a windows server
  • Altered: limitation of theme choices board
  • Altered: bug in footer in shop pages
  • Altered: expelled sorting dropdown in some shop shortcodes of woocommerce module
  • Altered: value channels join in menu, that weren’t working without the value channel widget of woocommerce
  • Altered: choices to appear or shroud the cost and add to truck catch in single items page
  • Altered: shop formats of woocommerce pages

VERSION 2.2.1 โ€“ May, 03

  • Altered: design structure with woocommerce
  • Altered: position of offer symbol in the items
  • Altered: sidebar in iPad was covered up


  • Included: now the theme is RESPONSIVE!
  • Included: new alternative to picking what design to use on the item points of interest page
  • Included: style to varieties in the items
  • Upgraded: theme choices, leaving opened the last area subsequent to spring changes
  • Upgraded: dialects records
  • Settled: choice to change the dynamic condition of connections of inventive route
  • Settled: ajax reviving of truck widget, in the wake of adding to track of items
  • Settled: choice to change the interim of thumbnails slider
  • Settled: bug with sliders
  • Settled: lethal mistake with awful recovering of theme widgets from records
  • Settled: bug with tabs

VERSION ย 2.1.1 March 12

  • Settled: sections parsing in the bulletin shortcode and widget
  • Settled: bugs with checkout page
  • Settled: format for the online blog page, when it is set in perusing settings
  • Settled: lethal blunder Call-time cruise by-reference appeared
  • Settled: bugs with item picture size
  • Settled: bugs with title position, in the items thumbnail when the title is within it
  • Included: capacity to change the route text dimension, by typography administrator page
  • Included: keep the connection joint rather than picture URL, in the slider pictures
  • added: kid theme with the new fixes of shop pages
  • Overhauled: dialects sources
  • Expelled: sorting.php document, that created a contention with the “request by” select in the items list

VERSION 2.1 February 20

  • Altered: parsing html and shortcode inside the segments shortcodes
  • Altered: the shortcodes [items] and [add_to_cart] for WooCommerce module
  • Altered: the depiction in classification pages for the items
  • Included: capacity to add connection to [section] shortcode, by utilizing the characteristic “link=”
  • Included: the characteristic “target=” in the [url] shortcode
  • Redesigned: the capacities for the catch “add_to_cart” as indicated by the last forms of Jigoshop, for the diverse item sorts.

VERSION. 2.0 February 14

  • Included: similarity with WOOCOMMERCE module
  • Included: shortcode smashes hits
  • Settled: a few notices appear in the import/send out page for a few servers
  • Settled: duplication in related items
  • Settled: shortcode for fast contact box
  • Settled: hunt structure down online blog page
  • Settled: the default estimation of alternatives for indicating components in items list
  • Settled: position of portrayal on the item detail page, when the cost does not appear

VERSION. 1.3 December 30

  • Included: similarity with form 3.3 of WordPress
  • Included: the style of jigo shop in the theme kid
  • Included: request characteristics in the shortcodes [yiw_last_products] and [yiw_featured_products]
  • Altered: different bugs
  • Altered: format setting for the page, when there isn’t the jigo shop module introduced
  • Altered: bug with contact frames
  • Altered: parsing of rundown shortcodes
  • Altered: content space of a few records
  • Overhauled: enhanced way how WordPress parse the shortcode in the page or post editorial manager
  • Upgraded: dialect records
  • Upgraded: the merchant of the theme, for test information

VERSION. 1.2 Oct 19

  • Settled: concealed fields on bulletin structure, over the footer
  • Settled: a few bugs
  • Settled: the last dash in the top connections bar.
  • Settled: Theme Options menu in the administrator bar, for the not overseer client
  • Settled: seek structure in the header, for the shop and not for standard posts.
  • Settled: titles for the sliders.
  • Settled: the google examination code in the footer
  • Included: the new choice to pick the textual style for the route things.
  • Included: menu for the focused footer.
  • Included: a new choice to change the URL of the logo on the login page.
  • Included: the https plan of some URL.
  • Enhanced: the best approach to recover the design of every page

VERSION. 1.1.1 Sep 19

  • Settled: foundation obscurity on inscriptions of the rich slider, on IE8 programs.
  • Settled: box “Information” on slider streak, when there isn’t any substance inside.
  • Settled: the shortcodes inside the [tab] shortcode.
  • Included: new two Visas: “bank-check” and “find”.
  • Included: a new choice to change the logo on the login page.
  • Included: new standard text style “Century Gothic”.
  • Included: the new choice to change the substance wrapper foundation, in the boxed format.

VERSION. 1.1 โ€“ Sep 15

  • Settled a few bugs
  • Upgraded dialects documents
  • Settled bug with Import/Export board
  • Added new choice to shroud the costs and catches for subtle element items and to make the theme as an ordinary list.
  • Enhanced style of varieties (for jigo shop 0.9.9)


6 Homepage sliders

  • Rich slider: An exquisite slideshow to show pictures and content;
  • Cycle Slider: to show content and pictures or content and recordings nicely;
  • Nivo Slider: a great jQuery slideshow with a variety of moves;
  • Turning Slider: a unique jQuery slideshow to demonstrate distinctive boards;
  • Streak Slider: an imaginative blaze slider;
  • Clumsy slideshow: an astounding slider, with thumbnails and tooltips!

Choose Your fonts styles and Colors

  • More than 200 Google text styles;
  • 20 Cufon text styles;
  • Set textual style and size for titles, trademark, body content and that’s only the tip of the iceberg;
  • Unlimited mixes of hues
  • Bag pictures uploader

Shop Features

  • Various pictures for your item
  • Various installment alternatives
  • Underpins Tax
  • Client records and request following
  • Shipping Options
  • Shortcodes for included items, late items, blockbusters and general items (you can set what number of things to appear, what number of sections and the kind of request)
  • Point of interest page of the item with related items, evaluations and portrayal tab
  • Megamenu highlights with the ‘Shopping by Price, Categories, and Brand’ capacity (extremely helpful elements and utilized as a part of all e-trade destinations!)
  • Redo your item’s thumbnails: hues, outskirts, shadow, turn on/off add to truck and detail catches, alter hues, pick if show the name of the item inside or under the thumbnail,….and more!
  • a great deal more.

Generalย features

  • Design boxed or extended style
  • Broad Admin Panel
  • 960 framework design
  • Unpretentious Menu: it Works likewise if JavaScript is crippled
  • 2 route menu styles: selected or negligible
  • unlimited foundation shading + 60+ custom foundations
  • unlimited header shading + 10 custom headers
  • 8 custom widgets
  • Custom post sort for tributes and faqs
  • unlimited sidebars
  • 2 diverse online blog styles: huge or little picture
  • unlimited contact frames with javascript blunder control
  • Interpretation prepared theme
  • Shortcode
  • Typography: site, sections, list styles, drop tops and more
  • Components: alarm boxes, catches, tables, flips, tabs, costs tables and more
  • Media: sliders, exhibitions, recordings
  • and more
  • PrettyPhoto (truly decent Lightbox clone)
  • Video instructional exercises: how to set ALL theย theme
  • Blog page + string remarks
  • Very much Documented
  • HTML File support

Themeforest Blog Theme Demo

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