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Examiner is the most recent of our WordPress magazine subjects. The time spent building up Examiner’s antecedents has helped us make the best magazine as such. Everything our clients adored about our magazine/news subjects in the course of recent years has been consistently actualized in Examiner.

Examiner Magazine & WordPress Theme

You can distribute articles, surveys, blog entries and more effortlessly more than ever.

Examiner is the ideal theme for distributors, bloggers, and individuals who have the enthusiasm for specific themes and need to impart their contemplations to the world.

We likewise offer inviting backing, and we are enthused about listening to our client’s needs and executing smart thoughts in future redesigns

Examiner Magazine & WordPress Theme

V. 1.49

Inspector 1.49
- Fixed a bug that brought about the 'Merry go round gadget' 
summon to'appear/shroud' 
the creator to not react.
- Fixed an issue that restricted the client to just 5 'elective
landing pages'. Presently there is no restriction.
- Fixed a bug that brought about an issue to the online networking joins
on the Author page.
- Fixed a bug that kept the clients from looking down when 
seeing the class page on cell phones.
- Fixed a minor bug in the pursuit shape and hunt page.
- Added LinkedIn to the online networking.

V  1.48

Inspector 1.48
- Improved the responsiveness of the subject on cell phones.
- The advertisements and other 1/4 gadget won't show up at the base
of the landing page any longer when seen on mobile gadget.
- The 'stacking symbol' has been expelled from the topic.
- LinkedIn has been added to the online networking options.

V. 1.47

Analyst 1.47
- Fixed a bug where the Tv Ajax gadget extract was showing
the code now and again.
- Fixed a bug that kept the mainstream posts on the classification
page to be gotten to when on a cell phone.
- Fixed a bug that made a crevice when the Ticker was set
over the Super Slider.
- Fixed a bug on the Trending Posts gadget that made it
show posts more seasoned than planned.

V .1.45

Analyst 1.45
- Minor bug fixes in regards to the WooCommerce site-wide notice.
- Fixed the issue the topic had with the slogan in WordPress form 4.4.
- Fixed a little issue with the online networking 
sharing catches on the post page.

V. 1.4

Inspector 1.4
- Fixed an issue that brought about the menu not to grow,
at the point when there are more than 6 things in the sub-menu.
- another less difficult header variety has been included.
- Added a choice to choose to trend(popular)
articles on the ticker gadget.
- Loading symbol has been included for when the site is stacking.
- Auto stack more alternative has been added to the gadgets
that can show the 'Heap More' catch.
- The subject now perceives on the off chance that you utilize SEO modules and
naturally debilitates the interior SEO, facebook labels, and so forth.
- The footer joins float shading can now be changed
autonomously in the Colors segment.

V  1.35

Inspector 1.35
- Fixed the issue with the last coasting gadget covering
with the Ad space over the footer.
- Fixed the 'Newspoll gadget' bug that made it
seem softened up a few cases.
- Fixed a class page bug that made the page
seem more extensive when seen on some tablet gadgets.
- Fixed a bug that brought on the promotions not to show up on
the classification page in some cases.
- Fixed minor issues to marginally enhance the heap speed.
- The versatile menu now additionally can show the subcategories
- When seen on a tablet, the menu can be looked over
left/right if there are numerous things.

V  1.3

Inspector 1.3
- Added an alternative to impair the floating(last) gadget in the sidebar.
- Added an alternative that permits to change 
the gadget titles textual style to intense.
- Added an alternative that gives you a chance to 
embed advertisements at the base of the post page.
- Added the choice to show the latest remarks in the most remarked gadget.
- Fixed the issue with the Ad space when utilized with the Full-Width
included picture.
- Fixed an approval issue in the remarks segment.

V 1.25

Analyst 1.2.5
- Fixed a bug that created issue on the heap more alternative on
the 'Immense included pictures' and 'Huge highlighted pictures' Widgets.
- Ad spaces bug that made them show the code,
of the promotion has been settled.
- Validation of criticism structure included.
- Small changes made to the Italic rendition of gadget titles.

V 1.2

- Fixed a bug that botched up the design on the 'Inclining Posts'
gadget when seen from a cell phone.
- Fixed the bug in the remarks shape that copied the "name" field.
- When sharing posts on Twitter another little appear window
shows up and gets the title as well.
- Fixed a bug with the Tv-Ajax-Widget, that brought about format issues.
- Added the alternative to show the perspectives rely on the post page.
- Added 2 new places for advertisements, between the header and the body,
what's more, between the body and the footer?
- Added another titles variety for gadgets.

V 1.15

- Fixed a bug on the classification page that additional width to the page
- Fixed related posts bug on the post page.
- Additional interpretation fields in the interpretation
board identifying with the survey framework.
- Added the choice to shroud/demonstrate the gliding social
media catches on the post page.
- Added the choices to shroud/demonstrate the creator and date
the area under the highlighted picture on the post page.

V 1.1

Analyst 1.1
- another gadget has been included. The Blogroll 3 gadget is
another approach to show your posts in a blog style design.
- Added RTL support. The subject can now be utilized with RTL dialects.
- Added pagination as a contrasting option to the 'Heap More'
- The 'Heap More' alternative has been added to the "Enormous" and
'Tremendous Featured Images' gadgets.
- Added the pursuit alternative and menu symbol to the portable responsive format.
- A bug that did not permit alternate recordings to be played
with the exception of the first in TV-Ajax video gadget has been settled.
- Added responsiveness to the recordings inserted in the post.
- Fixed the Slider gadget to correctly show chose slides.

V 1.05

Inspector 1.05
- Ad Widget bug that brought about it not to work appropriately with
Google AdSense is settled.
- Social gadget bug glitch while embeddings YouTube connection is altered.
- Fixed a bug when clients did not choose a gadget load impact, the
header posts were imperceptible.

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